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so after i got the assignment in class i automatically thought of those Microsoft commercials where some one says “To the cloud!” and something spins around in a dramatic fashion. well apparently its not that. what it is is that it lightens the work load of your computer, instead of having an app or file on your computer you simple use a web based service to host it. basically it allows your computer more space.
This concept inst new. it’s been around for awhile. we have all used it. had to much music on your hard drive, no problem. up load it to a online file storage site for free. there out there. in simple terms it keeps your harddrive clear and makes it easier for your computer.

Now it has some good points and some bad ones to put all in all its a neat idea that most web developers and company’s are starting to use now.

From what i see on the web. it seems to be fairly easy to design a web page around a cloud computing site. now im not no big city designer (saying this in a southern accent)buti think i would be hard to design around it but its also easy as that it sells its self. Everybody needs storage space. plain and simple.

now it could get better over the next decade and all. better security. bigger storage space. now i feel that this is something that someone can use that has a lot of data or any type of business but for the average Joe, simply get a one terabyte hard drive. that should fill any persons needs. now maybe as time progress and we acquire more data that needs to transferred to one of those things then i will be a great choice.


Now here are some links to check out and on link one there is a podcast on the bad side of cloud computing





Link 1


link 2


Link 3


so im a big minecraft fan. its a great game and the soundtrack to it is great as well made by C418.

It has lot of tracks that are very mellow and soothing. great for relaxing.



go check it out. cant beat 4 bucks for an album


Minecraft soundtrack




Just in last few years mobile web has been on the rise. it has invaded our daily life. we all check our phone not for any missed calls our texts but for facebook updates, twitter feeds and email and it all started with the iphone. a small little device that could do the same- thing a computer could do but smaller. mobile web refers to the use of web based apps on a wireless network.

So after trolling the web to find some info on this interesting subject i ran into a nice little blog written by a web developer and in it is some pretty knowledgeable stuff but more on that latter. one the things i saw was that most of the stuff seemed different and it is cause after some reading. if one were to develop a website for the mobile web one has to take in account the bandwidth and the screen size. cause think about it a normal monitor size is about 14″ – 20″ inches nowadays but the size of a smart phone screen is about the size of a credit card. not that big i know but that”s were web developers with experience and knowledge ( cant have one with out the other -J)  can improve the system by tweaking it and working with it to make “web browsing” easier to consumer. now because of this new fangeld technology people’s lives are more on the go types so the mobile web appeals to those people and they need to browse the internet every 5 minutes.  one of the things i have found is that there is one half of devlopers that dont like it and the other praise it . most of the people that like it use it. they develop stuff for it, now the other half are the ones who make the websites for computer use. i understand there pain. the reason for this is that there are now multiple languges forphones, for example WML, Ios and android. then you got the multiple types of phones out there.


man why cant all web developers get along:) since us as a culture has progressed toward a fast paced life we need something that can do the same.


now to answer this question:

mobile web is important to me as it can lead to different problems and different rewards but either way i feel its important cause i need it to check my facebook. 🙂


Below are some links that i found helpful and i hope you like them.





link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4



well let me start off by saying that podcasting is probably one of the few medias that anybody with a computer and a idea can do. one of the interesting things about pod casting is that it has been around before the ipod. the idea behind it was that if you wanted your voice heard you’d simply make a recording and post it to your website, then all your fans and followers can keep up with you here some interesting information. it wasnt untill apple had come out with there itunes software. that’s what made it more popular and can reach more people than what they used before. over the last years, podcasting has really taken off the ground. now that you can stream live podcasts on your mobile phone and other devices. pretty cool stuff i say. one of the benefits that people have for creating podcasts is that they can appeal to a wide variety of people. also a cool way to get more people into what you have is vodcasting. that’s pretty much a podcast but with video, so now you can demonstrate stuff to your viewers. great stuff i say. its a great tool to use for any field.

Take my field for example. web design i can simply look online for some podcasts about CS5, web design and other type of media. there they can go into great detail about what there talking about as well as give you there expert advise on there topic and give pointers. so as i covered the podcasts and for brief while vodcasts.  below i have provided a few links.

hope you enjoyed this blog.


Link 1

How to podcast link

link 3

so after trolling the interwebs for some funny i found and intrestting story about the new IP (internet protocol) v6


below i have put up some links that better describe this.

Link 1

Link 2


I got this video when i posted the last post and underneath it said good job and how does this make you feel

so a classmate made me think about the borg from star trek when we were talkin  about the collective intelligence but we all know its just fantasy (or is it…..).

after reviewing the information on this subject it has open my eyes in a different but new way of dealing with info. knowing the different systems used in the many schemes of the collective intelligence web.

for instance P2P business’s can help an asspiring web delvolpers. using  a P2P client both of them can download and share files of code or references they collected.

That type of model excites me as that is something i have used but never in a way to help me as web designer but after reading some of these articles i am starting to come around to different ways of learning.

Link 1

Link 2

well here it is in all its glory.

FYI its pretty blank but i will add more stuff to come

The communities of practice

well so far i found out that the “communities of practice” are quite useful. for instance i use the major league gaming forums for info i need on certain game types, strategies and other useful tools that can get me and my team to win. especially when i became a coach . these communities are very useful for what ever is your interests.

So the next question is what it means to me as a person who uses communities of practice and i have a simple answer for that.  I LOVE IT. nuff said.  it works. nothing can beat networking with people that know something that you don’t. anybody can improve there hobbies or career ( cant spell it 🙂 ).  its a priceless tool to have.

now the web delvolpment side of the CoP’s

so here the links to the websites.

Link 1

link 2

****UPDATE  will post the third latter.

New server

well got my server up and running for my 2nd blog. so thats done. now on to the collective intelligence assignment.